▪︎BIG DOT▪︎ Sara


▪︎ ´Big Dot´ Capsule ▪︎


This series reproduces colourful circles in various sizes. Like dancing lights, they are an evocative spell of geometry in this cosy loungewear capsule collection. Sara shows us the outfits of the capsule collection in a colourful, atmospheric mood.

Thank you, Sara! ❤️

She is a graphic designer and photographer who loves to travel, connect with different cultures and appreciate the magic of life in the smallest details. Want to know more about her? Then click here!


There is magic in the way she wears clothes, posing and gazing at the camera in such a natural way, that´s something I love. I´m so thankful for this Fotoshoot! We spoke about this and that, we laughed enjoying the moment.


▪︎ Big Dot Dress ▪︎


Sara’s hair. I don’t think much needs to be said about it: the look of her hair speaks for itself,

simply A M A Z I N G !!


Would you like to take a look on this set?

Dress or trousers, Sara looks gorgeous in every outfit, but which is the better compliment? ‚You look good in that dress‘ or ‚that dress looks good on you‘? Let’s apply some fashion psychology 😉 You can leave a comment below if you like!


▪︎ Big Dot Pant Set ▪︎


By the way, this sustainable clothing line is made of textile products made of regenerated cotton and recycled materials, I hope you like it!

▪︎ S U S T A I N A B L E ▪︎

Regenerated cotton is cotton made from existing materials. Most regenerated cotton today comes from pre-consumer materials, i.e. garment scraps and fabric by-products. They are sorted into similar colours before being subjected to a mechanical recycling process that produces recycled fibres that are spun back into yarn.

By eliminating the need for dyeing, regenerated cotton helps reduce water, chemical and energy consumption, and diverts products destined for landfill.


▪︎ Big Dot Skirt Set ▪︎


At last we are at the end of the walk, at home! It’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of the sunny day! It was such a walk full of inspiration, colour and good vibrations, thanks to Sara!


Last but not least:

Sara in Slide show!


If you have any questions or just want to share your impressions with me:

feel free to contact me anytime!

▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎

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